Milos Gregor, PhD.

Podjavorinskej 597/15
Dubnica nad Vahom, 018 41
Slovakia, EU
VAT ID: SK1078984258
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Another projects

HydroOffice is comprehensive software package for hydrologists, hydrogeologists, environmental engineers and meteorologists. Software package consists of 14 independent tools. These tools can be used for baseflow separation, recession analysis, drought/flood evaluation, calculations of flow duration curves, groundwater runoff, time series data analysis, geochemical diagrams plotting and 1D, 2D, 3D visualization of well/borehole data.

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In development. StaGraph is rich .NET library for statistical and data graphics. Rendering is realized by OpenGL API. Stagraph is built with functional and data-driven architecture based on Grammar of Graphics. Include numerous 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D coordinate systems (e.g. Cartesian, Polar, Triaxial, Parallel, Radial, Spherical, Splom), 7 axis scale transformations (e.g. Log, Pow, Exp, Asn, Ath), 75 predefined color palettes and 30 geometries. Stagraph includes build-in statistical pre- and post-processing methods and grid/wrap faceting options.

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