FasteR 0.4.1 Desktop

FasteR Desktop is a combination of GUI and IDE for R statistical language. FasteR Desktop is stand-alone independent application for R. This application allows you to use multiple tools and features for producing R code.

FasteR Desktop is stand-alone application for work with R environment. To use this program you must have installed R software in your computer. FasteR allows you to work with any version of R. You can work simultaneously with multiple versions of R, and you can be use both 32 and 64 bit version.

FasteR Desktop is a combination of integrated development environment (IDE) and graphical user interface (GUI) for R. As the IDE allows you to use standard tools such as Code Editor, Objects Browser, Package / Functions browser and other.

In addition to the IDE, program also includes elements typical for GUI applications. These can be found in the ribbon toolbar. The structure of these GUI elements is different than in other GUIs. This GUI is not focused on common functions but rather on individual packages. For each integrated package a ribbon toolbar includes one tab. In this ribbon tab user finds individual functions of current package. The layout of tab is designed for quickly function locating and to understand the logic / structure of a given package. In this way, user-beginner faster understands the structure and functionality of packages, on which R is based. On the other hand, the user is not constrained as it is in the case of GUIs that are based on the logic and methodology of statistical functions. This part of the program will be intensively developing.

The program includes following elements and features

Dynamic ribbon toolbar

Folder Browser / Files Browser

R Packages and Functions Browser

Dynamic Objects and Loaded Packages Browser

Integrated R Documentation

R Code Editor

Number of Hotkeys in Editor and Console

Lots of different settings

Classic R Console

Sophisticated integrated R Console

Ribbon toolbar tabs for supported packages

Number of dialogs