FasteR for Excel 0.9

FasteR for Excel is application level Add-in for MS Excel that connects the powerful features of R with MS Excel using tools that are extracted from desktop edition of FasteR.

FasteR for Excel is a specialized edition of FasteR software. This edition is working under MS Excel (v. 2007 - 2013) as application level Add-In. Using this product you can combine two platforms for data analysis. MS Excel is a widely used tool for small data sets storing and processing. Its advantage is visual work with data and it is industry standard for many areas. On the other side, its character and visual form limits the possibilities of its use for specialized types of works. Excel himself include VBA programming framework but this solution is not always appropriate.

FasteR for Excel appropriately complement Excel functionality. With this tool, you can use complete functionality of R language in Excel. This language is designed to work with data. After FasteR Add-In installing you can see a new ribbon toolbar tab. When you start Excel, you can find only one button on this toolbar, named Load, for Add-In loading. This solution does not slow down the start of Excel.

After Add-In loading, several buttons can be found in the ribbon toolbar tab. The first group of buttons serves to Add-In interconnection with R, to loading R functionality into Add-In and license set-up.

Set-up the connection with R is very simple. Just specify the path to Rterm.exe program and click on Settings - Refresh button. With this Add-In you can use any version of R and 32 as well as 64 bit version.

Data transfer between Excel and R is very simple. In the spreadsheet select your data and click on the Transfer Data button. After click, these data will be loaded into R in the form of data.frame object. Subsequently, you can work with these objects.

If you want to get data from R environment back into Excel, it is similarly easy. Just right-click in the Objects Browser panel on selected item and copy the data into the Clipboard. Consequently, you can paste these data into the spreadsheet (Ctrl+V).

The functionality of each panel is almost identical to desktop version of FasteR software. For a description of their functionality you can read the user's manual.

With the combination of R environment and Excel you have a powerful tool that allows parallel use of numerical, statistical and graphical power of R and visual spreadsheet interface of MS Excel.